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Get Your Car Washed Regularly to Keep It Shining

If you are a proud owner of a car, then it is important to ensure that not only you take your car for service every few months at Horne Mazda in Tempe, AZ, but also get your car washed every two weeks at least. It is widely recommended that by going for a regular car wash, the paint of your vehicle would remain the same for a longer period, and does not get dull or faded over time, which is the case usually with the badly maintained car...

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Why Getting Your Car’s Battery Checked Regularly Is a Good Idea

Just like you keep a check on your car’s gas quantity from time to time to know when to refuel; it is important to keep a check on the health of your vehicle’s battery. It is because you do not want your car to die down on you in the middle of nowhere. The car’s ignition system depends on your car’s battery, and if it doesn’t have enough power, you would not be able to start the car...

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Check Engine Light Repair Should Be Addressed Promptly

Nowadays cars and trucks are engineered to be more dependable and durable than ever. While this helps promote more consumer confidence, it is still necessary to maintain vehicles properly. When it comes to maintaining a vehicle, one thing you will want to always check is the engine light. If the check engine light ever comes on, it will be important to get it checked out immediately. There is a multitude of different circumstances that could attribute to why the check engine light has come on...

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Making Sure Your Brakes Are Working

It is essential to have a good set of brakes on your car. Braking effectively is one of the quintessential ways to avoid an accident, and numerous things can go wrong with your brakes over time such as:

- Brake pads getting worn down and requiring replacement

- Brakes not properly affixing onto your rotor

- Lack of sufficient brake fluid

- Brake system becoming loosened...

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Decisions Between Buying or Leasing Your Next Mazda

When deciding between buying and leasing your next Mazda there are a lot of factors to think about. Both buying and leasing come with great benefits; you just have to think about which benefits fit your individual needs.

Buying a car is a great option because you can sell the car whenever you want. Since it is your car, if you want to sell it you can. This gives the owner more flexibility and if that is important to you buying might be a better choice...

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What Does Tire Rotation Mean?

Tire rotation may sound confusing as to what it actually is or does for your vehicle. It's done by removing a tire from one wheel well and putting it in another. This is performed on a regular basis to ensure even wear on all tires, for uneven wear causes faster wear on the tires, and can even cause other damage to your vehicle. When tires touch the road, they wear, and eventually, the wear is sufficient to where the tire needs to be rotated or replaced. Tires should be rotated about every twelve thousand miles depending on wear, and…

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