Make sure your vehicle is ready for your holiday road trip

With the ever increase price and hassle of air travel, many of us are planning to take a holiday road trip. We load the trunk with presents, fasten in the kids and head to that special place where we celebrate.

If you want to limit the chances that your vehicle can make the trip, there are some basic items to have checked. Taking the time to have your vehicle checked before you leave could be the difference between a happy holiday or being stranded on the way.

The first things to do is have your vehicle’s oil changed. Oil is the lifeblood of your engine and having clean, efficient oil is essential to help it run smoothly. Oil that is not changed can result in engine build-up and sludge and could slow down your engine or cause major damage.

Brakes are another item that should be checked. With the additional traffic, you could face during holiday travel, it’s important to know you can rely on your brakes to operate safely and efficiently. If they feel spongy or if you are hearing any noises when the brakes are applied, you should have them checked immediately.

Finally, tires should be checked for wear and condition. While we don’t face a lot of winter weather in Arizona, you may be driving to an area that does. You should make sure your tires are rated for all weather conditions, even snow and ice. Have a mechanic check the tire life and tread wear to ensure they are safe for a trip.

These minor checks can be the difference in having a happy holiday. Our Service Center at Horne Mazda can do a thorough check before your head out on a trip. Contact us today and make an appointment.


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